We build strong relationships with our travel suppliers, and it shows. Just hear what they have to say.


“TravelManagers Australia is a successful distribution channel for APT and Travelmarvel and we thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the relationship we have had together since 2008. We find the National Partnership Team to be extremely experienced, proactive and thoroughly professional and vital to communicating APT and Travelmarvel product and updates to the network. The number and quality of personal travel managers in all states is high and in our experience has showed solid transaction value and productivity from the network.

APT endorses the quality and professionalism of TravelManagers as a key player in our distribution channel and would highly recommend them as an alternative business model to any travel industry
Susan Haberle, National Sales Manager – APT


“I have always found my dealings with staff right across the board at TravelManagers to be professional, personal and extremely fair.

The TravelManagers’ business, looking in from the outside, appears to be very dynamic with an ability to retain and attract quality staff be it at their head office, or via their PTM’s (personal travel managers) We have been able to forge great relationships with PTM’s via state based events, which are facilitated locally by TravelManager staff. TravelManagers has also been fantastic supporters of Rail Plus’s Global Rail Expert training program and it’s pleasing to witness such enthusiasm and passion for our course and clearly there is a culture at TravelManagers of continuous improvement.

PTM’s are extremely proficient with the Rail Plus booking engine, which highlights a willingness to embrace technology and work smarter, not unnecessarily harder.

Rail Plus treasures the relationship with TravelManagers and we’re extremely thankful for its support, loyalty and the measured manner in which they go about their business.”
National Sales & Marketing Manager – RailPlus 


“The personal travel managers that I know and have had the opportunity to meet are truly great people. They are well respected throughout the industry and deliver to us quality business consistently. The personal travel managers are great to work with, they “know their stuff” and are a positive representation of what TravelManagers is all about. Our contacts on a day to day basis in the National Head Office are professional, experienced, realistic in their expectations and do their absolute best to assist their close-knit network of personal travel managers. We have enjoyed exceptional growth from the group in what we see as a true and real partnership.”
Chris Hamil, CEO – DriveAway Holidays


“Amadeus is a leading technology partner for the global travel industry and TravelManagers is Australia’s leading home-based travel network. Both companies work together in partnership to provide the best technology, content and support to ensure that TravelManagers personal travel managers (PTMs) are efficient and professional at all times.

As a travel professional working in award winning Amadeus Selling Platform, you will have access to the most comprehensive full service and low-cost air, hotel, car, rail, private transfers and other ancillary content, all in the one Amadeus booking.

Amadeus people come from the travel industry and know your world. It’s a pleasure to partner with TravelManagers and I have no hesitation in commending them as an ideal host agency for anybody contemplating the opportunity of becoming a home-based travel consultant.”
Tony Carter, Managing Director – Amadeus IT Pacific


“Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines rely heavily on the experience and professionalism of the TravelManagers management team and their support team to ensure that each of the PTMs are continually updated with the latest information, new specials and changes from any of the Royal Caribbean family products. The continued year on year increase of sales volume from TravelManagers confirms the commitment from the TravelManagers to build on our strong relationship.

Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises are proud to be partners with TravelManagers.”
Peter McCormack, National Sales Manager – RCL Cruises Ltd


“Intrepid Travel highly values its partnership with TravelManagers Australia. Not only does TravelManagers continue to grow its volume of sales of Intrepid trips through increasing the number of personal travel managers within its network, but it is also very successful in achieving organic growth through its collaborative marketing initiatives.

Although TravelManagers personal travel managers are spread all over the country, they are part of a very close knit and cohesive organization, and with established communication processes in place, it is very easy for our Industry team to train and provide support to the personal travel managers where appropriate. Conversely, Travel Managers really understand the meaning of a Partnership, and proactively supports Intrepid.

If you are planning to join Travel Managers Network, then we look forward to partnering with you too.”
Yvette Thompson,  Industry Sales Manager – Australia & Asia – Intrepid Travel


“Fortunate enough to partake in the TravelManagers annual conference for the second consecutive year, I’ve been able to learn from and network with a group of talented and passionate individuals who not only fuel my fire for travel but teach me how the industry can make a difference to people from all walks of life.

Thank you Barry and the team, it’s always a privilege spending time with and learning from you all.”
Nahrain John – Travel Journalist


“For many years now, Club Med and TravelManagers have had a solid partnership.  We have seen consistent and strong growth year on year thanks to their management’s confidence in our premium product and to have promoted us within their personal travel manager network which has in turn been supported by their State based business partnership managers.

TravelManagers has a strong commitment to train and develop their personal travel managers and Club Med was able to use their training facilities which allowed consultants to see the extent of benefits in promoting an all-inclusive package to their clients. The marketing approach has certainly benefited our visibility.  We are appreciative of the professionalism and pro-activeness TravelManagers has shown us.”
Club Med Australia


Sunlover Holidays has enjoyed a strong Commercial partnership with TravelManagers since 2009 – a partnership which Continues to build momentum.

This new business model has been created by a very experienced management team who have a Wealth of industry knowledge. Their experience and high level of professionalism is evident in the work ethic of the personal travel managers.

TravelManagers is a highly respected company and an industry leader with a great vision, values and a management team with an enormous level of experience. For any person considering a career in home based consulting, TravelManagers would be an outstanding choice.”
Sunlover Holidays



What Is A Personal Travel Manager? What Can I Earn? Supporting Your Business Why Us? Testimonials Get Started Now Get Started Now Testimonials Why Us? Supporting Your Business What Can I Earn? What Is A Personal Travel Manager? What Is A Personal Travel Manager? What Can I Earn? Supporting Your Business Why Us? Testimonials Get Started Now What Is A Personal Travel Manager? What Can I Earn? Supporting Your Business Why Us? Testimonials Get Started Now What Is A Personal Travel Manager? What Can I Earn? Supporting Your Business Why Us? Testimonials Get Started Now Get Started Now What Is A Personal Travel Manager? What Can I Earn? Supporting Your Business Why Us? Testimonials
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