Girl Boss: What the vivacious Lorie Raymundo loves about TravelManagers

Girl Boss: What the vivacious Lorie Raymundo loves about TravelManagers


In the travel industry we are only as good as the service we provide and when you run your own travel business you have the flexibility and focus to give clients a more personalised service.

It can be scary stepping away from the security of being an employee at a retail agency but with it comes benefits. Flexible working hours, more attentive service and not being limited to having to sell any one line of product.

Lorie Raymundo from TravelManagers has done just that and we spoke to her about why she loves running her own show.


Lorie said the beauty of working with TravelManagers is that it lets her be herself and run her business the way she wants to.

Describing her business as “more of a concierge type of service in travel”, she believes working for the brand allows her to better customise bookings and personalised tours.

Specialising in Southeast Asia, this personal travel manager prefers working with TravelManagers’ preferred suppliers as “they are more than willing to personalise requests for my clients”.

Her ‘thing’ is going “above and beyond”. which is why she can often be seen doing door-to-door delivery of tickets and even delivering groceries to clients when they get home from their trip.


One thing that stands out about TravelManagers for Lorie is the company’s priorities.

She noted during the group’s conference in Hawaii last year that there was not one mention of how much money anyone made.

Instead, TravelManagers prioritised the personal travel managers and how they were making a difference in the industry, as well as sharing their personal stories on why they do what they do.

“Its very inspiring knowing not everyone is doing the same thing but we are all one family,” she said.


Since starting with TravelManagers, Lorie says she’s experienced nothing but support from the National Partnerships Office to personal travel managers.

“The community of experts around me has been so supportive,” she explained.

The level of encouragement and assistance for the consultants is astounding, even available online late at night.

“I’ve not met a lot of the personal travel managers face to face, yet they were happy to coach me on the new systems and always readily available with expert advice.”