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We are leaders in the mobile travel consulting industry. But don?t take our word for it, read what personal travel managers have to say!

Joining TravelManagers could be the best career decision you have ever make.  Read why our local Personal Travel Managers believe TravelManagers offers the best mobile travel agent jobs in Australia.

“I was with a major retail travel agency for 10 years and finally made the decision to go out on my own. This huge change in my career was made simple with TravelManagers’ training and ongoing business support. Switching GDS was easy and this all equates to a happy me, a thriving client base and a successful business. My only question is…why did I wait so long to make the move?!”
Denise – Personal Travel Manager, QLD

“As we sit here, sharing a coffee at Brisbane Airport (awaiting to pick up a client from the Azamara Cruise Co charter from Montreal to New Orleans) had a spot of brekky, in our shorts, beautiful day – we just reflected back to our previous life where it’s 8:30am, in a morning meeting being drilled by a Manager on how you are going to make 6 bookings today and think to ourselves, how lucky we are to be in the position we are in.   Although we worked hard to get here, we appreciate the life that TravelManagers has given us. Without this business model, we would probably still be in those morning meetings…!”
Ian – Personal Travel Manager, QLD

“Training that specifically addresses my target market and sales speciality has added significant value to my business.”
Di – Personal Travel Manager, VIC

debraLg “I have been a Personal Travel Manager now for over 7 years. TravelManagers National Partnership office have always been there providing me with professional support and commitment to my business and with the expert teams providing fares and ticketing, marketing, accounting and techology needed for me to maintain the flexibility and opportunity to work when and where I choose and to continually be able to grow that business. Along with the added support from my local state business partnership managers and their experience this combination of teamwork enables me to ensure I have the quality of service and commitment that I can deliver to my clients as their own Personal Travel Manager”
Debra – Personal Travel Manager, NSW

GaleLg “Being partners with TravelManagers allows me to be the very best ME I can be every day. I have the freedom to build my business with as much support as I need, make money I never thought I could and the best part is I get to do it on my terms. Never before in my life have I ever felt so empowered to achieve everything I have ever dreamed of.  TravelManagers have given that to me and it has changed my life.”
Gayle – Personal Travel Manager, QLD

JamesLg “I never thought I would make this much money selling travel”
James – Personal Travel Manager, QLD

“When I’m needing support, the wonderful National Partnership Office are there for me and eager to assist.Whether it be from Operations, Ticketing, the Accounts team or other, their quick response and helpful friendly attitude makes my job that much easier.  Thanks NPO”
Jo – Personal Travel Manager, Dee Why, NSW

JohnLg“I joined TravelManagers early July 2006. The support from head office has been wonderful and I have been amazed at how quickly my business has taken off.”
John – Personal Travel Manager, VIC

Karen Christie resized“From the moment I made the decision to join TravelManagers in 2009, I have not looked back. It has been the best decision not only for my career but for my family and lifestyle as well.”
Karen – Personal Travel Manager, QLD

kim“There are so many benefits in having joined TravelManagers… not having to battle the traffic to work, flexible work hours that suit me, lots of travel opportunities and famils, more personal relationships with my clients. Working for myself. More money in my pocket!”
Kim – Personal Travel Manager, NSW

“Joining TravelManagers has completely changed my life and I am so happy I could sing it from the roof tops. I celebrate every morning that I no longer need to tackle the rush hour. I am now able to service clients in a completely ethical manner with no crazy sales targets, I work the hours I want to, I am around for my family and I am able to offer the excellent customer service that my clients deserve. I love the life that TravelManagers has given me.”
Kim – Personal Travel Manager,  VIC

“Well I signed on in Nov of 2008 and started operating in Feb of 2009.  I started with no clients – so from scratch. It was pretty scary at first and a bit overwhelming, but don’t give up and be kind to yourself. The best words of encouragement I ever got was for Michelle Michael Pecora (alias the Purple Mish) and that was, “in a years time you’ll look back and not believe how much you’ve grown and in 2 years it will have all grown again” and you know what – it was true. If ever you need support, ideas, copies of how someone does something…whatever, give me a call or email me. I’ve always had other PTM’s give me great advice and support and I believe strongly in being there in turn. So never be shy in asking.”
Leisa – Personal Travel Manager, QLD

“I chose to join the TravelManagers team because I believe that this is the way of the future for the travel professional. Giving a more flexible lifestyle whilst still earning excellent commission and maintain a client base that I have worked hard to build and retain. I anticipate that with the ongoing support and assistance that I receive I will be able to continually grow and diversify my client base.”
Lisa – Personal Travel Manager, VIC

“Being able to share my extensive personal travel experience and product knowledge with my clients is an absolute priority for me. Meeting suppliers face-to-face helps to remember the locations and what is on offer.  It’s these kind of personal touches I can talk with clients about, which makes their holiday experience the best it can be.”
Philippa – Personal Travel Manager, SA

“Earning a fantastic income, it’s a way of life”
Merran – Personal Travel Manager,  NSW

mich“I have practically doubled my salary since joining TravelManagers and I wish I had made the move much earlier than I did. I just love meeting with my clients on a more personal basis and tailor making their dream holiday!”
Michelle – Personal Travel Manager, NSW

“Over 9 years ago, I took a huge leap of faith and decided to join TravelManagers. It’s been the best decision – both professionally and personally – that I’ve ever made, as this job gives me the perfect work/life balance and flexibility to work around my young family. Ultimately, the buck stops with me…I make all of the business decisions myself, and I have the opportunity and potential to grow my own business however I see fit. The success of my own TravelManagers business is solely up to me, and what I put into it. The rewards, both financially, personally and professionally are endless”
Nicole – Personal Travel Manager, VIC

“I love the flexibility of being a home-based consultant where I am available for my clients when it suits them, rather than the normal business hours like a traditional travel agency. I enjoy running my own business giving me the ability to go the extra mile, which in turn offers my clients exceptional customer service.
Michelle – Personal Travel Manager, QLD

“I’m here in ADL – and I’m coming up to my 8th year now with TMA. I started with a nil client base and now have a steady business going which I love, mixture of corporate and leisure. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The support from NPO has always been awesome for me personally, I love the conferences and the other PTMs are great. We are family and i love it. ps: never be shy to ask any question or lean on anyone for support. First year in business can be difficult if you’ve not worked in this environment before, but i must say it doesn’t take long to get used to it. The flexibility is incredible.”

Penny – Personal Travel Manager, SA

“My business partnership with TravelManagers gives me the flexibility and support I need to be able to run my own business.”
Ric – Personal Travel Manager, NSW

“I have now been with TravelManagers for five and a half years and the encouragement and support I receive from the national partnership office and other personal travel managers is incredible. I don?t know of any other travel business where everyone wants everyone else to succeed and are willing to help each other to achieve individual goals.  TravelManagers gives me flexibility and allows me to confidently focus solely on my love of selling travel and to provide expertise and exemplary customer service.”
Sally – Personal Travel Manager, NSW

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