About us

TravelManagers is part of the House of Travel family, the largest independent travel company in Australasia.

Founder and chair, Chris Paulson had a vision in 2005 and the company set its sights on building Australia’s premium home-based travel network.

The internet and related technology, together with 24/7 remote access and centralised systems paved the way for people to work at home. And the future of travel consulting without a traditional retail shop was born. Just like in the banking industry, you think ‘personal banker or mortgage broker’, or in the fitness industry you think ‘personal trainer’, the future for travel is a ‘personal travel manager’.

Today, our national network of over 450 home-based and mobile personal travel managers create bespoke experiences. Clients see the real benefits of personalised and convenient service, with all the technology and back office systems that a ‘traditional’ retail agent provides.

More than ever, clients are looking for security and someone they can call on if the need arises during their travels.

Meet our people, discover the 50+ people in our support team at the National Partnership office. Hear testimonials from our personal travel managers and discover more about Australia’s premium home-based travel network.

Top facts

  • TravelManagers is an Australian company operating in all states of Australia and is the largest and most successful mobile travel advisor business.
  • TravelManagers is a wholly-owned division of House of Travel, Australasia’s largest independent travel company.
  • TravelManagers is accredited to IATA (International Air Transport Association) and is authorised to issue tickets on behalf of the trade body’s member airlines.
  • TravelManagers is a member of ATIA (Australia Travel Industry Association) and ATAS.
  • TravelManagers is a member of CLIA (the Cruise Lines International Association).
  • TravelManagers is a member of CT Partners – the largest and most influential independent travel buying network in Australia.
  • TravelManagers has the most comprehensive financial protections in the Australian travel industry. Find out about them here.

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