IT and systems

It and systems support – we have you covered

Our experienced team of travel IT professionals are here to guide you through the technology environment.

Mulitple GDS options

TravelManagers holds relationships with two of the largest providers of advanced technology solutions and the leading transaction processors for the global travel industry. With a joint team that employs more than 17,000 staff globally, you’ll be in the right hands.

These GDS’ work across the entire travel ecosystem, providing localised customer services, training and product management with local experience and global expertise, to travel agencies, airlines and other travel providers. These booking platforms are easy to use, require minimal training, no installation and are accessible anywhere via web address or local app.

IT set up

TravelManagers Australia assists all new personal travel managers in setting up either their existing or a new computer. This is scheduled for a mutually convenient time and is done over the phone or remotely over the internet. The computer technician will check the health and safety of the computer, by ensuring the spyware/anti-virus software is present and functioning correctly.

They can also assist with the removal of superfluous software that can negatively impact the computer’s operation. The technician will configure your email and signature, and ensure your web browser security settings are correct. This means you can successfully access our intranet (Oracle).

Tramada and dedicated support team

Our in-house Tramada support team are there to help you every step of the way with this ‘front’ and ‘mid’ office web-based travel management system. Tramada is designed to cater to both corporate and leisure markets. It is fully integrated, modular and interfaces with Amadeus to provide a seamless profile upload and booking download capability.

Tramada allows instant access to everything required and automates as much of the process as possible. Easy to learn and use, yet extremely sophisticated, Tramada gives full control with the flexibility to operate a business for individual requirements. It takes care of most of your accounting so you don’t need to spend valuable time bookkeeping. You will have access to detailed reports to help analyse and grow your business.

NDC Platform

TravelManagers has partnered up with a global leading force in the NDC market. The software enables to you shop, ticket, manage and refund your NDC bookings at a touch of the finger by utilising their game changing interface. This system sits on top of  your current GDS giving you the option to work across one or two platforms.

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