Niche products

Are you a specialist in a certain destination or type of travel?

Whatever area of travel you specialise in, TravelManagers has a place
for you.

Join our community of personal travel managers who specialise in just about every travel category there is, designing inspiring travel for individuals and groups.

Promoting your specialities and niche

Showcase your own speciality on your own website at where features include blogs, tours/deals, events and more. Your own e-newsletter system can be segmented by your choice of categories.

You can even create your own branded product within your TravelManagers business and promote it via dedicated pages within your site. Check out how personal travel managers promote their specialised products on their web pages:

Michelle Schulze

Cruise Holidays, Group Travel, Corporate Travel, Family Travel

Andrea Friend

Cruise Holidays, Group Travel, Family Travel, ACTIVE.holidays (own product brand)

Melissa Loynes

Secret Stays (own product brand)

Sue Kuti

Cuba, South Africa, South America, United States, Group Travel, Corporate Travel, Cruise Holidays

Do you specialise in…

If you have a speciality and would like to understand the benefits of working with us, give us a call or drop us an email.