TravelManagers’ Business Model a Recipe for Success

TravelManagers’ Business Model a Recipe for Success

After eleven years in business and with more than 540 personal travel managers (PTMs) now operating within their network, TravelManagers have had plenty of time in which to refine their business model.  One of their newest recruits, Sue Wright, has been with the business for just three months, and believes their formula is spot-on.

Wright, who is representative for Shoal Point, QLD, joined TravelManagers after a three-year hiatus from the travel industry, and despite some initial concerns over what changes might have taken place during her absence, has hit the ground running, notching up impressive sales of more than $300,000 in her first three months.

“The idea of having to learn Amadeus and Tramada was also a little scary, given I had always been a Galileo/CrossCheck Travel stalwart,” she says, “Whilst this was possibly my biggest hurdle, it didn’t take long to be comfortable with either of these systems. The transition was far smoother than I expected, thanks to the support provided by the National Partnership Office, and I am actually loving working with both these systems.”

Wright says having previously worked within a traditional travel agency model for a well-established franchise brand, one of the main attractions of joining TravelManagers when she was contemplating a return to the travel industry was the PTM business model.

“When I investigated the model and all that it entailed, it quickly became clear that choosing to join TravelManagers really was a no-brainer!” she exclaims.  “The ‘Peace of Mind’ guarantee that TravelManagers offers my clients was also so very important to me. I love that I’m able to determine my own commission goals, and the wonderful thing about this business model is I don’t need to be aiming for some ridiculous sales target to achieve my desired income.”

Wright says she is also loving the freedom to dictate how her week looks, and how, when and where she spends her time.

“The majority of my week days kick off in the gym and that’s an integral part of my lifestyle. I also spend at least one morning a week working out of a café as part of my marketing strategy – someone always comes along that I haven’t seen in some time so it’s a terrific way to network,” she explains.  “I also love the flexibility of being able to schedule client appointments at their home, business or favourite coffee shop.”

Wright says her transition to TravelManagers was further enhanced by the support offered by both the National Partnership Office and by the other PTMs within the network.  Attending the company’s recent annual national conference in Hawaii provided her with the opportunity to meet many suppliers and fellow PTMs: an event which she describes as another step in infusing herself with the brand.

“Listening to Chris Paulsen, Joe Araullo and Michael Gazal speak, [House of Travel’s founder and TravelManagers CEO and General Manager, respectively], it’s obvious to see where the incredible TravelManagers culture has stemmed from.”

“I have always said success breeds success and that is exactly what TravelManagers is all about – everyone is out to support each other, and I just love it!” she adds.

Gazal, says Wright’s amazing start to her career with TravelManagers comes as no surprise, given her reputation within the travel industry in her previous role.

“I never doubted that Sue would hit the ground running,” he says, “but what I didn’t fully anticipate was how quickly her passion in wanting to contribute to the building of the TravelManagers family in her home state would evolve.”

With one former colleague already having made a return to the travel industry, joining her at TravelManagers, Wright is happy to provide advice and encouragement to anyone else who is considering a career change.

“I went into this new enterprise with complete faith that it would work, but I have to say it’s evolved so much faster than I ever anticipated, particularly given I was out of the industry for three years,” she says.  “Whether you’ve left the industry and are considering a return, or you’re feeling stale in your current work environment, TravelManagers is a fantastic brand with which to align yourself, and a wonderful community to be a part of.”

When asked to consider what she hopes to achieve during the remainder of her first year with TravelManagers, Wright says she plans to continue building a business that is based on creating enjoyable experiences for her clients.

“People sit at the heart of what I do – I am focused on the customer experience and passionate about inspiring and bringing out the best in anyone I come into contact with,” she explains.  “For me, it’s about being present and really connecting with people, ensuring that my clients receive the best possible service and if I can help in any way to build a family of fantastic PTMs that I can support and inspire to be successful in their own business that to me is truly fulfilling.”

“All I can say is this only the beginning!”