TravelManagers Makes New Appointment to Support Record Growth

TravelManagers Makes New Appointment to Support Record Growth

Featured photo: Freshly appointed NSW Business Partnership manager Kylie Wilson.

The upswing in demand for international travel has resulted in TravelManagers Australia announcing the appointment of a new Business Partnership Manager (BPM) to join its National Partnership Office team, with the search for two further BPM appointments still continuing.

TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal, says Kylie Wilson, who will join a post-COVID team of two New South Wales-based BPMs, has an extensive track record in the travel industry, including two years as a personal travel manager (PTM) with TravelManagers.

NSW Business Partnership Manager Julia McLean welcomes newly appointed colleague Kylie Wilson

“Kylie has more than two decades’ total experience in the travel industry, having worked in a wide variety of roles and with a range of companies. As well as more than four years in home-based mobile consulting, she has worked in airlines, wholesalers and tour operators, so she brings a lot to the table in her new position with us.”

According to Gazal, Wilson will provide support for PTMs in the south, east and west of Sydney, as well as the Central West, ACT, The Snowy Mountains, Riverina, Southern Highlands, South Coast and Blue Mountains.

“TravelManagers’ post-pandemic recovery is progressing strongly, with significant growth over the past quarter,” he explains. “Our BPMs are integral to the success of our PTMs, providing a range of support such as supplier relationship management, business planning and business development support.”

“As our rate of growth continues to escalate, we need to ensure that our PTMs have the necessary resources in place to support them: Kylie is an important part of that equation.”