TravelManagers Continues to Break Monthly Sales Records

TravelManagers Continues to Break Monthly Sales Records

Featured photo: Executive General Manager – Michael Gazal

May, June and now August have now entered the record books for TravelManagers as the home-based travel brand continues its strong post-Covid recovery.

According to Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal, the average value of sales per personal travel manager (PTM) is up by 47 percent compared with the same month in pre-pandemic 2019.

“In fact, August 2022 has been our best-ever August for total sales, and our ninth-highest for any month on record,” he adds. “It’s the sort of recovery I think the entire industry was waiting for, and I’m delighted to report that our PTMs are as passionate about selling travel as they ever were.”

Gazal reports that sales in cruise, touring and land product are all performing strongly, with increasing levels of growth in all three sectors.

“Destination-wise, we’re finding that customers are interested in a variety of locations, with Europe at the top of the list at 33 percent of sales. The United States and Canada together accounted for fourteen percent of August sales, and Asia another eleven percent.”

Gazal says Australian domestic travel is the second-most popular destination, accounting for seventeen percent of total sales for the month. This represents a seventy percent increase in destination share from August 2019, which he believes is a strong indication that that high-value domestic travel bookings, which became more in demand as a result of international border closures, are here to stay.

“Three record-breaking months in quick succession mean that capacity for the rest of the year and into 2023 capacity is already looking very tight for many destinations,” Gazal notes. “We are advising customers who are considering their travel plans for next year to start putting bookings in place so as to avoid disappointment as we expect growth in demand to continue.