Personal Travel Managers Celebrate 76 Percent Growth in November

Personal Travel Managers Celebrate 76 Percent Growth in November

Featured photo: TravelManagers recorded an average 76 percent growth per PTM from November 2019 to November 2022 according to Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal

As TravelManagers approaches the one-year anniversary of its partnership with Signature Travel Network, PTMs like Philippa Williams credit the resulting direct access to luxury travel products for much of their success in a record-breaking 2022

TravelManagers remains on track for a strong conclusion to 2022 with its announcement of another record-breaking sales month in November: its best-ever November and its third-best sales month on record.

Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal, says the result bears testimony to the dedication of TravelManagers’ 400-plus personal travel managers (PTMs), supported by its National Partnership Office (NPO) team.

“What’s even more pleasing is the growth in sales per PTM,” he adds. “We recorded 76 percent growth per PTM from November 2019 to November 2022, with more than 46 percent growth per PTM for the five months from July to November 2022.”

According to Gazal, Europe remains TravelManagers’ number one destination for sales volume in November 2022, with Asia and North America filling out the top three. Multiple destinations are showing strong growth compared with November 2019, including Australia (up 84 percent), Europe (up 42 percent), New Zealand (up 25 percent), Fiji (up 16 percent) and South Africa (up 14 percent).

“Growth has been primarily fuelled by airline and land sales,” Gazal reports, “with a strong showing from our luxury client base thanks to TravelManagers’ partnership with Signature Travel Network.”

PTM Philippa Williams, who is based in Medindie, SA, agrees that much of her success can be attributed to TravelManagers’ key supplier relationships, which have remained strong throughout the pandemic across a wide spectrum of travel segments and specialist niches.

“Of particular benefit has been our partnership with Signature Travel Network, which has provided me with direct access to the world’s best travel providers,” she notes. “This has allowed me to present even more personalised travel experiences for my clients, whether it’s staying at the world’s finest hotels and resorts or undertaking in-depth destination experiences curated by Signature’s recommended Destination Management Companies.”

“For my clients, it has meant access to complimentary upgrades, daily breakfasts, and Wi-Fi as well as additional perks that enrich their overall travel experience; for me, happy clients equate to a healthy business.”

“TravelManagers’ strong showing between July and November places its network of PTMs in a strong position as they set their sights on 2023,” Gazal concludes.