Record Number of Personal Travel Managers Cracking Magic Million Mark

Record Number of Personal Travel Managers Cracking Magic Million Mark

The travel industry’s post-pandemic recovery is continuing to accelerate according to TravelManagers Australia, which reports an increasing number of its personal travel managers (PTMs) now out-performing their pre-pandemic sales.

This announcement follows multiple record sales months by the home-based travel brand during 2022, culminating in a final, record-breaking December in which the average growth per PTM for the month was an 85.7 percent increase compared with pre-pandemic sales in December 2019.

“These results tell a fantastic story on their own,” states TravelManagers’ Finance & Commercial Manager, Tanyu Cilek, “but an even better one when you realise that the December figures are part of a longer-running growth trend. Over the six months from July to December 2022, our PTMs have recorded an average of 52 percent growth compared with the equivalent six-month period in 2019.”

Cilek goes on to explain that a record number of PTMs have swelled the ranks of top performers over the past six months, with almost 32 percent of our PTMs now occupying the top-selling band of advisors compared with an already-impressive 17.5 percent in 2019.

“These PTMs are achieving leisure sales results at a level that would more commonly be seen in corporate, call centre situations,” he notes. “The number of advisors on track for at least $1 million in sales this financial year has tripled since 2019, while those on track for $1.5 million-plus has doubled.”

According to Cilek, PTMs are seeing a trend towards high-value holidays, both domestic and international, with sales for Europe and South America increasing by 45 percent and 55 percent respectively alongside a 58 percent increase in Australian travel.

“There is also strong evidence to support a resurgence in the perceived value of the travel agent, with significant sales increases in every segment from air (up 64 percent) to insurance (up 44 percent) and land (up 46 percent).”

“We are delighted to be entering 2023 in such a strong position and look forward to seeing our PTMs reap the rewards of so much hard work and dedication over the past three years.”

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