Regional Road Trip Brings Connection and Collaboration to Personal Travel Managers

Regional Road Trip Brings Connection and Collaboration to Personal Travel Managers

Featured photo: Among those she visited was Wangaratta-based PTM Sarah Nunn, who met up with Madden at a local café, with baby Beau tagging along to catch up on the latest industry developments

TravelManagers’ Victoria-based Business Partnership Manager (BPM), Despina Madden, recently embarked on one of her regular road trips during which she held a series of one-on-one meetings with personal travel managers (PTMs) throughout regional Victoria and New South Wales.

Despina also arranged a cluster meeting at La Maison Café in Albury, which was attended by five regional PTMs and included a catch-up on the latest from Globus family of brands. (L-R) Ian Greenwood, Melinda Wouda (Business Development Manager North, West & North East VIC – Globus family of Brands), Karen Whitehead, Jodie Quigley, Kristie Jenkins, Despina Madden and Michelle Aitken

“One of the most enjoyable aspects of my role is connecting with our PTMs in person on a regular basis and building on those relationships,” Madden notes. “I love being able to catch up with them on home turf, where it’s easier to understand the challenges and opportunities that are unique to their individual businesses – plus it’s a great chance for them to get together and swap ideas.”

Among the PTMs visited by Madden during her three-day road trip was PTM Jodie Quigley, whose home-based business in Lavington, VIC, boasts a backdrop unlike any office environment.

“With PTMs so busy, meeting the needs of their clients whilst ensuring that they remain on top of destination and product updates, they also appreciate the opportunity to catchup face to face with our supplier partners.”

For Despina, who is part of TravelManagers’ team of eight state-based Business Partnership Managers, providing PTMs with support is no ordinary day at the office.

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