High-Energy Vibe at TravelManagers’ State Meetings

High-Energy Vibe at TravelManagers’ State Meetings

Featured photo: As always, there was lots of energy at the state meeting when PTMs from WA came together.: L-R: (back row) Carl Retschlag, Bec Taylor, Fabiana Lorenzon, Leanne Johnston, Sally Seward, Carly Retallack, Ashley Noble, Tanya Nielsen, Connie Buck; (middle row) Joe Araullo (CEO), Joy Tepnimit, Michael Gazal (EGM), Charlotte Nowrojee, Michelle Smith, Ali Banks (BPM-WA); (front row) Kelly Savka, Alison Parker, Vikki Southern, Sandra Evans

TravelManagers has wrapped up its latest round of state meetings – the first major gathering of PTMs, suppliers and National Partnership Office (NPO) team members for 2023. The high-energy events were an opportunity for attendees to hear updates on what lies ahead for the company this year, including plans for its upcoming annual National Conference.

As well as hearing from the NPO team and partner suppliers, the meetings allowed participants to catch up with colleagues, celebrate the successes of the previous twelve months and share tips on thriving during exceptionally busy times.

WA-based Business Partnership Manager (BPM), Alison Banks, says the events once again highlighted the positive, collaborative environment which she believes makes TravelManagers quite unique. As a relatively new PTM, Joy Tepnimit described the atmosphere at the WA state meeting as typical of her experiences with TravelManagers’ supportive culture: “it’s almost like a family, in that everyone is supportive and willing to share their knowledge and ideas with each other.”


PTMs from around South Australia gathered at Adelaide’s Playford Hotel, where they heard updates on NPO, sales, new products, and networking. (L-R) Philippa Williams, Grant Campbell (NPO), Cheryl John, Tania Myles (NPO), Briony Bullard, John La Bella, Leanne Zizikos, Joe Araullo (NPO), Natasha Leventeris, Micheal Puttner, Catherine James, Carolyn Johnston, Michael Gazal (NPO), Maggie Bootsman (NPO) and Prue Thomson.


NSW: TravelManagers’ Sydney state meeting brought together PTMs from around NSW and ACT. Pictured is House of Travel CEO Joe Araullo (3rd from left) with (L-R) PTMs Jane Fowler, Michelle Desmarchelier and Danielle Goncalves.


QLD: Attendees at TravelManagers’ Queensland state meeting in Brisbane were equally delighted by the informative quality of the sessions and the opportunity to reconnect with their industry colleagues and friends. (L-R) NPO Jose Canas, PTM Dionne Smith, On The Go Tours BDM Kat Nitarski, PTMs Tamara Tiffin & Kathryn Watson.


VIC: Victorian PTMs enjoyed catching up with each other, suppliers and NPO team members at the state meeting held at Crowne Plaza, Docklands.


VIC: (L-R) TravelManagers COO, Grant Campbell, (centre) with (L-R) VIC-based PTMs Tanya Barker and Tanya Patterson


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