Unforgettable Images and Contrasts the Hallmarks of PTMs’ Pakistan Famil

Unforgettable Images and Contrasts the Hallmarks of PTMs’ Pakistan Famil

Featured photo: PTMs Camilla Manson and Kathy Millett outside the Shahi Mosque, in the town of Chitral.

Even the most experienced of personal travel managers (PTMs) can still find new destinations and experiences that are in equal parts enlightening and challenging. TravelManagers’ Kathy Millett found just such an opportunity on a recent famil to northern Pakistan. She was, along with fellow PTMs Melanie Harrop and Camilla Manson, among just six Australian travel agents who took part in the famil hosted by Crooked Compass founder, Lisa Pagotto.

“It was one of the most challenging, exhilarating and eye-opening famils I have ever been lucky enough to experience,” reports Millett, who is based in Claremont, WA. “The people were so friendly, the food amazing and the scenery enormous: every day was totally unique.”

There were plenty of first-time experiences on offer for the group in Pakistan. One such instance – a surprise polo match in Gilgit organised by their guide in his home village – saw them drinking tea with his parents in their home before being seated as VIPs within an enthusiastic local crowd to marvel at the skill and horsemanship of local players.

“At the conclusion of the match, our group was invited to present the prizes to all the players – what a fabulous, unexpected memory to take home!”

Millett says she would happily return to northern Pakistan if the offer presented itself. “Although I would only recommend this type of trip to northern Pakistan for a seasoned traveller with a broad mind, a sense of adventure, and a curiosity to experience off the beaten track situations and cultures, I found Crooked Compass’ attention to detail to be extraordinary – they really know how to put the fun into travel,” she concludes.

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