Personal Travel Managers’ Surprising Sri Lankan Famil

Personal Travel Managers’ Surprising Sri Lankan Famil

Featured photo: Picking tea in the highlands of Sri Lanka: (L-R) TravelManagers’ Sinead Phillips, Kirsten Rheinlander, Tanya Barker, John LaBella and Valerie Ireland.

Five personal travel managers (PTMs) who represented TravelManagers on a recent Travel Sapphire famil to Sri Lanka discovered that the destination offers an enchanting mix of beautiful beaches and lush mountain landscapes, gorgeous food and friendly locals.

Sinead Phillips, who is based in Upwey, Victoria, was treated to a highly memorable encounter during an overnight stay at the luxurious Cinnamon Wild Yala near Yala National Park, when a friendly elephant moved through the resort, chomping down trees around each room.

“Our guide took me under one of the chalets to watch him up close, then later, while sitting out on my balcony listening to the monkeys in the trees, I turned around and there he was, so close I could have reached out and touched him! My heart was racing, but it was an amazing experience.”

The nine days which Phillips, along with fellow PTMs Kirsten Rheinlander, Tanya Barker, Valerie Ireland and John LaBella, spent in Sri Lanka have been invaluable for making suitable recommendations to clients and for gaining first-hand understanding of what they can expect when visiting this fascinating destination.

“Travel Sapphire were fantastic hosts who ensured that our experience was seamless – especially in situations where language difficulties might otherwise have caused issues,” Phillips reports.