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Agency owners

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You love the travel industry and you love the independence of running your own travel agency business. But 2020 has proved the most challenging year ever for agency owners.  At TravelManagers, we understand the challenges you are facing and we are here to help.  With ex agency owners already operating as personal travel managers, we have the experience to assist your transition to your new home

TravelManagers offers agency managers a low risk, high return solution that allows you to do what you love, running your own business, without the stress and costs that come with owning an agency. Being a work from home travel agent doesn’t mean you should lose any of the credibility associated with a shop front or walk-in office, in fact you offer a more personalised service and you have the support and back up of a premium travel network with all the advantages.

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With TravelManagers you can…

  • No more landlord, no more rent
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Reduce your compliance costs
  • Eliminate the cost of finding and employing staff
  • Eliminate the distraction of managing staff, preparing rosters and covering for holidays, staff illness and more
  • Prove the proposition that 20% of your clients generate 80% of your profit is correct
  • If you currently have employees and wish to bring them on board – you can.  TravelManagers offers comprehensive support to transition across  with no limit to the number of staff who join with you
  • Have the support you need in marketing, finance, training, technology and more.

Everything You as a Travel Agency Owner Need to Know about Joining the TravelManagers Family

By the end of 2019, more than 600 personal travel managers (PTMs) had made the move away from traditional retail travel agencies to join TravelManagers and set up as mobile home-based travel professionals, and over half of them having been with TravelManagers for five years or more. In case you’ve been considering a move to home-based consulting with TravelManagers, we’ve asked the burning questions, so you don’t have to.

  1. Can I choose where I work from?

In a word, yes! Work from home, from your local café – wherever takes your fancy. TravelManagers’ PTMs have the technology to choose when and where they work. They can visit their clients in their homes or offices or catch up over a coffee (or a wine) and bring their office with them. That means you can stop commuting and gain a better-balanced lifestyle, running your business your way – save yourself the rent, and say goodbye to your landlord forever.

  1. How would the move affect my earnings and improve my cash flow?

Did you know that TravelManagers offers the best value commission split for home-based consultants in Australia? You can choose from two earnings models based on how you want to run your business and receive a generous rate of commission – in some cases as much as 95%. There’s even a handy, downloadable checklist on TravelManagers’ recruitment website so that you can compare with other home-based models.

  1. Would moving reduce my business compliance costs?

TravelManagers’ back/mid office system allows you to focus on providing the best possible service to your customers. There’s no need to worry about time-consuming tasks such as BSP reconciliation – it’s all taken care of on your behalf. TravelManagers also provides comprehensive and completely transparent financial protection for you and your customers – maintaining a separate, audited trust account for client funds and holding Trust Account Fidelity Risk insurance.

  1. How would I manage the costs of finding and managing staff?

Becoming a home-based personal travel manager means you only have yourself to worry about – you choose the hours you work, the location you work in and how many holidays you take, and there’s no need to worry about preparing rosters or arranging cover for holidays and illnesses. TravelManagers’ systems mean you can take your business with you, even when you’re on holiday, but if you prefer, there are dedicated locums who can handle your bookings when you’re unavailable.

  1. Can I bring my employees on board too?

How you run your business is up to you. So, if you find yourself becoming a victim of your own success or fancy some company in your place of work, you’re free to recruit extra staff as you need them. You’ll receive support and business development mentoring from TravelManagers, and your recruits will take benefit from an extensive induction and training process.

  1. Won’t I feel isolated, working from home?

There are TravelManagers’ PTMs in every state and territory in Australia – in the biggest cities and smallest towns. There’s even a PTM who lives on an alpaca farm! But working on their own doesn’t mean they’re alone – access to a closed-group social media forum allows them to share knowledge and ideas whenever they choose.

There are also plenty of opportunities for PTMs to get together in person, to compare notes, attend training sessions and generally enjoy each other’s company. In 2019 there were 520 cluster meetings, 119 webinars, 16 airline and cruise training days, 15 business workshops and two rounds of state meetings, as well as TravelManagers’ annual national conference (which has been described as the best in the industry).

In other words, there’s no shortage of support and camaraderie, should you wish for it.

  1. How can TravelManagers help me favour quality over quantity?

The Pareto principle states that 20 percent of a company’s customers (i.e. its best customers) will generate 80 percent of its revenue. This is true of many businesses and suggests that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your result. This being the case, TravelManagers will allow you to focus on your most valuable clients and change the way you set goals forever.

  1. I’m great at selling travel, but what if I need help with the other aspects of running my own business?

TravelManagers charges an all-inclusive monthly administration fee that covers a comprehensive range of support, training and marketing assistance; from technology to accounts and system interfaces through to customer relationship management and IT help desk support, all through the National Partnership Office (NPO). In 2019 the NPO team produced 704 personalised items of marketing collateral, countless merchandise items, launched a personalised email marketing system for every PTM, negotiated deals with partner suppliers for 128 consumer campaigns and delivered countless hours of mentoring and business support.

  1. I’m keen! What should I do next?

Head to Next Steps or to speak to someone confidentially about joining TravelManagers, contact TravelManagers’ Business Partnership Managers

A smooth transition to TravelManagers

Our comprehensive employee model and smooth transition arrangements ensure you will continue to look after your clients with the level of service they have come to expect. In fact, they could love you more with the exclusive benefits and huge variety of supplier arrangements.

If you’d like to get a better life/work balance and still enjoy generous rewards have a confidential chat with us. It could be the best call you’ve ever made.