Cruise specialists – welcome aboard!

As a cruise specialist, TravelManagers Cruise division will excite you with a range of unique offers and exclusive deals.

And, if you hold a master accreditation with CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) or have high volume cruise sales, you’ll have access to Cruiseco’s member only extensive cruise training, product and offers.

Your website page can highlight your cruise qualifications and potential clients will know you are a specialist and accredited by the official body of the cruise industry.

Our dedicated cruise operations executive will keep you up to date with all cruise news and provide the support and training to make the transition to a partnership with TravelManagers smooth sailing.


Hear from our personal travel managers

As we sit here, sharing a coffee at Brisbane Airport (awaiting to pick up a client from the Azamara Cruise Co charter from Montreal to New Orleans) had a spot of brekky, in our shorts, beautiful day – we just reflected back to our previous life where it’s 8:30am, in a morning meeting being drilled by a Manager on how you are going to make 6 bookings today and think to ourselves, how lucky we are to be in the position we are in. Although we worked hard to get here, we appreciate the life that TravelManagers has given us. Without this business model, we would probably still be in those morning meetings…!


Personal Travel Manager, QLD

The thing that I love most about TravelManagers is the freedom it’s given me to find time to launch my blog, and pursue my passions, and still earn money and work from wherever whenever I want. It’s amazing I love it!


Personal Travel Manager, NSW

I have been a Personal Travel Manager now for over 7 years. TravelManagers National Partnership office have always been there providing me with professional support and commitment to my business and with the expert teams providing fares and ticketing, marketing, accounting and techology needed for me to maintain the flexibility and opportunity to work when and where I choose and to continually be able to grow that business. Along with the added support from my local state business development managers and their experience this combination of teamwork enables me to ensure I have the quality of service and commitment that I can deliver to my clients as their own Personal Travel Manager


Personal Travel Manager, NSW

I never thought I would make this much money selling travel.


Personal Travel Manager, QLD

So, if you have a real love for travel, and passionate about giving clients the ultimate travel experience, we’d love to hear from you.