Together In Travel: Awesome Client Shout Outs To Personal Travel Managers

Together In Travel: Awesome Client Shout Outs To Personal Travel Managers


A massive shout out to Agents everywhere. Each and every one of you is amazing. Wherever you currently are and whatever you’re currently doing, please remember, we’ll always be #togetherintravel.

The lovely agents over at TravelManagers posted on their consumer Facebook last week, asking for followers to show their PTM some love by giving them a shout out, because, we’re all in need of a little extra TLC right now.

Tania Myles has got in touch with us to say that they have been overwhelmed with the wonderful responses to the post, which has had hundreds of comments and reached over 17k people.

It’s wonderful to see so many people sharing their gratitude for their personal travel manager, and highlighting the true value of using a professional to look after your travel plans.  Tania Myles, Marketing Manager

Personal Travel Managers, you guys are rocking it!

Words of kindness

The image, posted on the TravelManagers Australia Facebook page, read, “Thank you to all of our customers, for supporting your personal travel manager with your immeasurable kindness, words of encouragement, and patience through this unprecedented time. Let’s show them some love!  Here are some of the beautiful responses…

“Penny Stansfield is so much more than a travel agent….. Penny is your friend! She is readily available and tries her utmost best to fulfill your needs and rectify any bumps along the way. In these tough times for everyone and lots of businesses, I ask you and recommend to you my friend, my agent and my go to person, Penny Stansfied! Keep your smile on Penny… we will all start traveling again.”

Janet Cudmore, Facebook

“A heartfelt thank you to Claire Cosby, an amazing travel agent and businesswoman. Can’t wait for the day I can call Claire and get travelling again.”

Lisa Corrigan, Facebook

“Kellie Marshall-Milton is organising my 50th Birthday in July & unfortunately it looks like we won’t be going now. Kellie is keeping me up to date with everything as she finds out which I appreciate greatly in these trying times for her.”

Carmen Spong, Facebook

“Anna Curran is amazing. She has a secret talent….matching the right holiday to her clients. Anna has arranged trips for me to France and Spain, Bali and New Zealand, Sydney and Melbourne and every single time she nails the accommodation, the experiences, the adventure that suits me. Best service I have been fortunate to experience. Anna is an amazing Travel Manager!”

Fiona Mac Lean, Facebook

 “I am always so grateful to the amazing Wendy Krukowich! My family has used her services many times and she is always professional and extremely dedicated with her attention to detail.”

Sharon King, Facebook

“Thank you Louise Gillogly for all you have done for me and my family. You will be back at it soon you care about what you do and you always put a lot of time into your work keep smiling Louise we still have a lot of places to see and do.”

Deborah Dingwall, Facebook

“Neil Saunders, Can’t thank him enough for the awesome job he did organising our world trip last year. Thank God we went when we did!! Still working hard with our now cancelled cruise. Can’t wait until this is all over, he will be a very busy man!!!!!”

Deirdre Fox, Facebook

“Monika Southern. She is not just our agent but a friend. She sorted out all our cancellations no problems. We should be on our flight today to join our cruise tomorrow. So glad to be home.”

Patricia Purcell, Facebook

 “Donna Occhipinti has been organising the most wonderful holidays for us for many years we just love the way she suggests things we thought we would never do, then went back again.”

Kay Montebello, Facebook

“David Hull, absolutely super.. awesome advice, guidance and genuinely lovely person.. always providing advice to make our travel easier with a young family!! Thank you.”

Nick Florentine, Facebook

“Kieran Betts is the BEST Travel Manager. My holiday in Singapore was absolutely perfect thanks to Kieran’s attention to detail and professionalism. I am excited for Kieran to organise my holiday next year. Thank you Kieran, you are Awesome!”

Lynn Sloane, Facebook

“Sue Kuti is the most caring and dedicated person. Look forward to travelling with her again.”

Margaret Sciberras, Facebook

This isn’t even a smidgen of the love and appreciation shown on this post. Be sure to read the thread and find your name! There are way too many to list, but we want you to know that you’re awesome and you should all be incredibly proud of yourselves.

A huge well done for everything you are doing. Keep up the good work and never stop leading the way!

Share your insights and stories and let’s get through this tough time together.