New Luxury Travel Partnership Promises Exciting Opportunities for Personal Travel Managers

New Luxury Travel Partnership Promises Exciting Opportunities for Personal Travel Managers

TravelManagers Australia, winner at the most recent NTIA Awards for Best Mobile Travel Advisor Network, celebrates signing of new relationship with US-headquartered Signature Travel Network.

The partnering of TravelManagers Australia with Signature Travel Network represents a significant step forward for the company, which says its customers are already making plans for international travel in a post-COVID world.  

TravelManagers’ Chief Operating Officer, Grant Campbell, says the agreement provides its network of personal travel managers (PTMs) throughout Australia with access to Signature Travel Network’s extensive programs and supplier connections. 

“Signature Travel Network has been operating since 1956 and generated US$ 8 billion in annual sales in 2019 – with more than 50 percent of its sales in luxury travel,” he notes. “It is highly credentialed, and its strong luxury base will assist our PTMs with an assortment of marketing tools, technology resources and training programs.” 

“That includes access to Signature’s VIP Hotel and Resorts program, which features more than a thousand luxury properties located in 90 countries,” Campbell adds, “as well as its Land & Tour program with 85 preferred destination specialists in over 130 countries. 

Campbell says the partnership comes as a result of TravelManagers’ extensive research and in-depth discussion with stakeholders.  

“Having undertaken a thorough analysis of the quality and range of product offered by Signature and its peers, we are confident that Signature delivers the best possible offering to suit Australian travellers.” 

According to Campbell, TravelManagers is confident that the new partnership will serve to enhance its PTMs’ luxury business, providing them with access to Signature’s luxury sales development program. 

“There is already a strong weighting of high-end leisure sales amongst our PTMs,” Campbell notes. “This new partnership will further empower them in this market, thanks to Signature’s standing as a global leader in luxury affinity product.” 

Campbell emphasises that the ultimate beneficiaries of the new partnership will be TravelManagers’ PTMs’ customers, who will have access to the wealth of enhanced benefits offered by Signature. 

“The properties that participate in Signature’s VIP Hotels and Resorts program have all been carefully vetted and offer a suite of complimentary amenities and services, including meals, Wi-Fi, and other special benefits such as hotel and resort credits, complimentary spa treatments, airport transfers and more.” 

In addition, Campbell says customers will also have access to VIP guest status, late check-outs, early check-ins and upgrades, while PTMs will have access to 25,000+ pages of proprietary online product content via TravelManagers’ intranet. 

NSW-based PTM, Louise McCarthy, says she is excited by the new partnership and the resulting opportunity to grow the luxury side of her home-based travel business. 

“Having access to amazing products as well as extensive online resources, which include promotional offers, supplier news, exclusive educational trips and training plus cruise ship deck plans, will help me to provide the best possible service to my customers.” 

Signature Travel Network’s President and CEO, Alex Sharpe, says he is delighted to expand its Australian presence with the country’s premium home-based network. 

“TravelManagers’ PTMs have an average industry experience of 20.5 years and are supported by a National Partnership Office (NPO) support team that has an average nineteen years’ experience: they are a great fit for us, and we’re excited by the possibilities offered by this new relationship.”  

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