TravelManagers Named Finalist in Travel Marketing Innovation Award

TravelManagers Named Finalist in Travel Marketing Innovation Award

Featured photo: TravelManagers Chief Operating Officer – Grant Campbell

TravelManagers’ recent launch of its TravelManagers Compensation Fund (TCF) and its pre-pandemic adoption of credit card chargeback insurance (CCCBI), has resulted in the home-based travel brand being named as one of three finalists in the Award for Innovation category of the prestigious 2022 Mumbrella Travel Marketing Awards.

TravelManagers Marketing Manager – Tania Myles

TravelManagers’ Marketing Manager, Tania Myles, who was responsible for preparing the entry submission, says the criteria for the award is deliberately broad, allowing the selection jury to give due consideration to the wide variety of entries.

“It’s been described as the ‘I Wish I’d Thought of That’ award and recognises initiatives that have wider potential lessons for the travel industry,” she explains. “We have received positive feedback from all sectors of the industry, applauding us for taking the lead, so we certainly seem to be on the right track.”

According to Chief Operating Officer, Grant Campbell, the creation of its own TCF and the addition of CCCBI is the culmination of eight years’ work spent setting in place a system of protections designed to protect both the consumer and the personal travel manager from the financial collapse of a pre-approved list of suppliers. Together, these measures form a ‘Peace of Mind’ promise which Campbell believes is the most comprehensive and transparent consumer protections in the Australian travel industry.

“Our system of protections aligns with AFTA’s [the Australian Federation of Travel Agents] position on self-regulation within the travel industry,” he notes, “and has earned praise from PTMs, consumers and suppliers alike.”

Campbell reports that TravelManagers has earned numerous plaudits from its personal travel managers and their clients since announcing the addition of the TCF and CCCBI to its consumer ‘Peace of Mind’ promise.

“We have also experienced a boost in enquiries from potential recruits, interested in having their own travel business in partnership with TravelManagers, who are attracted by the financial security these measures offer,” he adds.

“As customer advocates, we encourage our industry peers to follow in our footsteps: our collective priority is that of comprehensive financial protection for all consumers.”