Six things you may not know about Signature Travel Network

Six things you may not know about Signature Travel Network

Demand for luxury travel has never been higher, with the global value of the luxury travel market currently estimated at a little under AU$3.5 trillion, and it is predicted to almost double in the next ten years.

In January 2022, we embarked on a partnership with global luxury travel provider, Signature Travel Network. We asked personal travel manager (PTM) Julianne Gazal-Rizk to explain what she loves about her Signature membership, and how it enables her to provide clients with the best possible luxury holiday experiences.

1. The Signature brand is about the advisor, not Signature

Advisors get access to exclusive offers and benefits to pass on to their clients, as is the case with other luxury memberships. But for the Signature advisor, this benefit is presented as the advisor’s own, rather than that of Signature Travel Network. For example, “Because you have booked with me, you will receive a complimentary upgrade when you check in.” This slight difference really elevates the advisor in conversation with their clients.

“Not only do my clients feel special about the personalised touch and exclusive perks, but they also appreciate the fact it’s a result of their direct connection and relationship with me as their PTM.”

2. Signature truly gets luxury travel

Signature understands that luxury means different things for different people, which is why its extensive collection of four- and five-star hotels and resorts is just the beginning. What kind of perks can they expect?

“At every Signature property, my customers receive complimentary breakfast, complimentary Wi-Fi, early and late check-ins/-outs (when available) and room upgrades based on availability. They also receive special Signature benefits such as a US$100 dining or spa credit, and personal touches such as a welcome note from the property’s General Manager. These small but thoughtful details make my clients happy, and that makes me happy too.”

3. Unparalleled support, training and resources for success

Although less well-known in Australia and New Zealand than its more prominent competitor, Virtuoso, Signature is committed to supporting local advisors with dedicated resources that complement its extensive collection of exceptional travel experiences and services. Most recently, it has appointed Lisa Harrison to a newly created role of Australia/NZ Managing Director.

In addition, advisors have full access to an extensive suite of Signature webinars and training collateral, while our National Partnership Office (NPO) team works with Signature to deliver quarterly, tailored training sessions.

“The Signature website is a fantastic online resource: I use this all the time to find advice from Signature’s destination specialists, and to access property descriptions and reviews. It also contains a wealth of training resources such as recorded webinars.”

4. Signature is so much more than just another luxury travel provider

The Signature network brings together like-minded travel professionals who see themselves as friends rather than competitors. There is an amazing culture of collaboration in which advisors work together and support each other for the greater good of the network.

“Signature’s private Facebook group is a fantastic forum where I can connect with advisors from all over the world to share information and ideas.”

5. A universe of new opportunities

TravelManagers’ relationship with Space Perspective is a fantastic example of the invaluable opportunities that have emerged from our partnership with Signature.Invitations from Signature to attend global luxury travel events such as ITLM and L.E/Miami, as well as Signature’s annual global conference (which I attended in 2023) are an invaluable chance to create connections with a variety of key suppliers in the luxury space, many of whom don’t have representation in the Australian market.

“The networking session was fantastic connecting with over 800 suppliers who do not usually travel to Australia. Attending the conference has been a total game-changer for my business, and I definitely plan to attend again.”

6. Champion for community, sustainability and responsible tourism

Travel Elevates is Signature’s not-for-profit brand, which sponsors multiple projects globally that empower local communities through educational and economic growth. It also supports global disaster relief efforts: for example, in 2023 they provided assistance in the wake of the Morocco earthquakes and the Maui wildfires.

“For a growing number of clients, a great luxury travel experience isn’t just about putting together the ideal itinerary. They are also looking for enriching, authentic experiences with suppliers who prioritise a positive impact on communities and the environment.”


To find out how your business could benefit from TravelManagers’ partnership with Signature Travel Network, call (02) 8062 6400 for a confidential chat with one of our state-based Business Partnership Managers.