Standing Strong through the Pandemic

Finding Your New Home for Your Travel Business

We continue to support our network of personal travel managers through the recovery of our industry. Our support staff in the National Partnership Office have tirelessly worked behind the scenes to assist every PTM in navigating such uncertain times. From Fares and Ticketing, BSP, refunds, and Marketing to assistance with business focus and mental health.

With the support of our partner suppliers, our PTMs upskilled during the quietest selling periods with training webinars, workshops and comprehensive destination training.

Working together through the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to stay connected within our internal community, as well as all local communities. One on one support from the Partnership team, our dedicated on the ground team, is available through regular phone calls, virtual meetings, walking meetings and local get togethers.

Online video meetings with the National Partnership Office provide training and updates with opportunities to share ideas on how to recover well.

No one at TravelManagers is on their own and we are all standing strong. If you would like to hear more about how TravelManagers continues to provide a home for so many travel agents and their clients, contact us today or speak to your local Business Partnership Manager


Messages From PTMs:

“I am so thankful for the support and guidance of our National Partnership Office as well as all my fellow PTM’s  to bounce ideas off and lean into during this Covid crisis – from Zoom catch-ups to Facebook chats and knowing that our partnership team are at the other end of the phone is so reassuring.  We always say to our clients ‘you deserve a personal travel manager’ but I’d also like to tell all my industry peers that ‘you deserve the rewards of BECOMING a personal travel manager’.   Not sure why it took me two years to make the decision, as I’ve not regretted one day!”

Michelle  D, NSW  

“ I feel so supported and connected at the moment and the work that all of the partnership team and team at the National Partnership Office are doing to keep us updated, motivated and supported is just awesome! I would be lost without it”

Laurin, NSW

“I am so grateful to the team at NPO who have led us through this time and I know they are there for us and we just all appreciate it – thank you”

Lisa, QLD

“I am always impressed by the friendly, helpful and competent support I receive from the NPO.  I didn’t think NPO support could get any better, but somehow NPO have exceeded all expectations during this terrible pandemic.  From the hard working, friendly and fantastic accounts section and all other sections to the involvement of the management and executive teams I thank you for being there for all your TravelManagers”

Pauline, ACT

“Its like being part of a big family….the kind of family that take good care of you,  are always there with advise, happy to lend a hand, or just to listen when you need them “

Vicki W, NSW

“I know everyone is working hard but a big thanks to the Training department,  they are doing an exceptional job with all the webinars .. they have been great!”

Carli, VIC

“The support from everyone in the National Partnership Office has been brilliant since the Pandemic began.  Even though the staff  have had their hours cut, many are helping out in their own time to help with the mountain of questions, queries and requests. This has cut down the response times meaning we are able to communicate with our client’s in a timely manner”

Vicki H, NSW

“Have been so fortunate to be working with a great, supportive company like TravelManagers in these crazy Covid times. They have been with us every step of the way in all areas…..supporting us with our business by reducing our monthly costs, our mental health with our NAP program and keeping us updated on all the supplier/airline updates & just being there for us if we need a chat, some advice plus some fun zoom meeting/catchups”.

Michelle MP, NSW

Travel Manager on the Phone with TMA's excellent support team
A group of Travel Managers chatting in a kitchen
Fushimi Inari-taisha, Japan


 “I can’t speak highly enough of the support I have had from not only TravelManagers’ National Partnership Office but also other personal travel managers in the network. It’s a wonderful sense of community even though we are all scattered around the country!”

 Sue, Personal Travel Manager, NSW

“As a Corporate focused agent, I was looking for a company that represented value, integrity and the ability to service my clients efficiently whilst exceeding expectations. TravelManagers has provided me with this platform, ensuring long term client retention through a constantly changing corporate travel environment. My business is a success due to the support, ability to run a transparent business and TravelManagers industry partnerships.”

 Fiona, Personal Travel Manager, ACT

“The support is beyond anything I imagined from accounting to ticketing, marketing and product. A wealth of knowledge is at your fingertips, training is quality, varied and relevant. TravelManagers are your partners, not your employer and the freedom that gives you is amazing. Best career decision of my life.”

Mark, Personal Travel Manager, QLD

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