TravelManagers’ Declares Gratitude to Clients

TravelManagers’ Declares Gratitude to Clients

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the travel industry, one Australian travel brand has used full page advertisements in Australia’s major Easter week news publications to publicly express gratitude for the ongoing support of its clients.

Chief Executive, Joe Araullo, says the company also wanted to acknowledge that although clients’ travel plans have been put on hold for the time being, TravelManagers’ family of 600-plus PTMs are looking forward to once again assisting them when the disruption of COVID-19 is under control.

“For weeks, our PTMs have been working tirelessly to bring their clients safely home from overseas and to unravel their clients’ thwarted travel plans. This has encompassed long hours working under stressful conditions, but the feedback from our clients throughout the country has been overwhelmingly supportive, which has made all the difference,” he explains.

According to Araullo, the widespread upheaval to many businesses as a result of the Australian Government’s requirement to work from home wherever possible has been minimal for TravelManagers, whose home-based consulting model meant its PTMs were already accessible and well prepared.

“In that respect it’s been business as usual,” Araullo reports. “As well as having the necessary technology already in place, our PTMs are already accustomed to keeping in touch with colleagues and the National Partnership Office (NPO) by virtual means. Whether its peer support via their local Facebook group or forward planning with their Business Partnership Manager via email or phone, they are well placed to ride out the COVID-19 storm.”

“Many of our clients have time on their hands at the moment to dream about where they will travel once it is possible, and our PTMs are looking forward to helping turn those dreams into reality.”